Enter the colorful world of picture books

Come on a fantastic journey between the covers of our favorite picture books, whose colorful pictures and friendly residents invite you to marvel, discover, fantasize and linger:

The picture book is the focus of the first years of reading - because “reading” does not need letters! Children look at the world in astonishment and explore it with joy with all their senses. For the little ones, we therefore have a lot of stimulating cloth and cardboard picture books that they can feel, fold, twist and explore with great pleasure.

Wooden shelves with many storybooks - Image source: Eigenmaterial
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This list could be continued forever. There are simply so many wonderful books that have shaped and accompanied us and which we keep on taking into our hands. In addition, almost ten thousand new books are published each year in children’s and youth literature.

But don’t worry, we’ll keep an overview for you and we’ll be happy to advise you at any time until you find the right book. Come by and immerse in the world of books – we’re looking forward to seeing you!