World of books

From the large-format Big Bang non-fiction book to exciting adventure novels to the wonderfully illustrated picture book about the friendship of an old man and his lively cat - with us you will find the whole variety of children’s and youth literature.

It is our goal to find the right book for each of you - whether you seek amazement, knowledge, or want to go on an adventure, this is the place to be!

Wooden shelves with children's books - Image source: Eigenmaterial
Come visit the world of childrens' and youth literature!

Come on a journey of discovery!

On the following pages, we will provide information on the special features of individual types of books and present our distinguished assortment: whether it be novelties or classics, come by and see for yourselves!

We have also prepared a selection of our favourites for you in each category – faithful companions, long-time friends who make us laugh, feel and constantly encourage us to think but also dream.